Keller High School Football Mid-Season Analysis


Joshua Canfield, Staff Writer

The Keller High School football team has been doing better this season. As of now they are 3-3 for the season.

With the three wins against Bell, Midland, and Weatherford, Keller has shown that they won’t be tossed around anymore. The recent game against Haltom was looking in favor for Keller. The game had good attendance for both sides and the energy was spreading all around with crazy interceptions on both sides. It looked like Keller was going to win until last play of the game and Haltom had the ball. They were able to run out the clock and make it past the defense and get a touchdown putting them in the lead, 29-26. The stadium was shocked of the insane play done by a Haltom receiver. Keller fans were disappointed and some were crying of the unbelievable defeat. The next game will take place against Keller Central in the KISD Stadium on October 20 at 7:30 pm. See ya there, fellow Indians!

Central has been a big contender against Keller the last few years; the game is normally one of the biggest attendances yet because the school are so close. Also most students know each other from going to the same middle schools and like to have a fun love hate relationship over a rivalry football game. This year I believe that Keller will take the win based on the hard practices the team has been doing this season and the inspiration of Head Coach Stralow.