Ranger Season Failure


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

The Ranger season is coming to an end and with little to no chance of making the playoffs. It is over.

The past season has been a huge disappointment, being below .500 for the majority of the season, having multiple injuries to key players, and pitching being well below average (especially in the bullpen). This Ranger season is one to forget.

Going in, we were all expecting at least to get into the playoffs, and we are not even close, being six games back of the second wild card. Now four games under .500 with a 76-80 record for a team who before the season, I thought was easily 85 plus win team is very disappointing.  

Let’s face it, ever since game one against the Indians our bullpen has been borderline worst in the league. They have blown multiple games in the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings. Like it or not, this Ranger bullpen, and starting rotation (with exceptions for a few players), has been just plain bad.

Strikeouts, strikeouts, strikeouts. The Ranger lineup was among league leaders in strikeouts per game and total strikeouts. We score well over 40 percent of our runs with the home run, which is very unreliable day in and day out. If we are going to want to be successful, we need fewer strikeouts and to put the ball in play more often.

With these among a few more is why this has been one of the worst and disappointing season we have ever had. Now going into the offseason we need obviously more pitching both starting and in the pen. We need severe lineup changes  to aim more for a team that puts the ball in play. That can hit with power but at the same time not strike out almost ten times a game. I believe that these changes can aim this team in the right direction to be successful in 2018. For now, we need to put this season behind us, because now it is time for some Dallas Cowboy football!