Cowboys Rollercoaster Season Already!?


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

The Cowboys season is upon us, and with that, over-hyped fans; though this season we Cowboy fans may actually have a reason.

Coming off a shocking 13-3 season behind rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, the hopes are high in Dallas. Now that we are 2-1 through the first three weeks of the season, it has already been a rollercoaster, for no reason whatsoever.

With a dominating win over the Giants in week 1, we were at an all-time high. Then we went up to Denver only to get embarrassed by the Broncos. Then, Monday night we won a thriller of a game against the Arizona Cardinals at Arizona.

After that week 2 game against the Broncos, we were wondering, is Zeke done? Is Dez even Dez anymore? What about Dak? Why were we panicking so much after that one loss? It was the second game of the season, it was one loss, and we won the game before anyway. We fans jump to conclusions way too fast. If a player has one bad game, we jump straight to he is washed up and should be cut. One loss, the season is over.

Now after a week 3 victory we are back to “Zeke is back and better than last year!” Dak is a god! Dez is an absolute beast! No, Zeke has always been back, Dak has been great all year, and Dez is Dez. We fans are bipolar; our moods and thought towards the team changes in a blink of an eye for, again, no reason whatsoever.

With all this unnecessary drama behind the Cowboy season already, we have to remember. We are 2-1, tied for first place in our division, and that at the very least we aren’t as bad as the Giants.