Keller High Football Analysis

Keller High Football Analysis

Joshua Canfield, Staff Writer

The Keller High School football team started their season against rival Cooper High School, with a 48-35 loss in a close game. It was followed by a crushing defeat from McKinney High School with a 30-7 loss. The start of the season for KHS’s football team looks like an uphill climb from here.

In their first game, Keller versus Cooper, we played strong throughout the game with close plays and exciting energy on and off the field to launch the season. The crowd at Keller games is normally roaring with school pride and colors as fans of all ages gather. Even with the energy, we still lost with an exciting end. In the late fourth quarter Keller regained control of the ball and could have possibly made a comeback until an interception was thrown and the game’s outcome was sealed with another Cooper touchdown soon after.

In the following game, Keller versus McKinney, the game started normally until some players suffered injuries. Our starter quarterback Sloan Henry received a concussion and one of our starting running backs, Liam Ardigo, tore his ACL again and will be out for the season to recover. The crushing defeat Keller received may have hurt some spirits but no doubt the team can recover for future games and still play strong.

Even though Keller’s football past has seen better days, this season has the possibility to regain some wins with new players on the team and a newfound hope and work from the coaches this pre-season. Keller’s upcoming game against L.D. Bell High School for their Homecoming game will be one of the biggest games yet as two big schools come together to take on the field. Bell is 1-1, Keller 0-2, and if Keller is able to regain its confidence we may be a good contender against Bell for our Homecoming game on September 15. Go Indians!