And it’s goodbye to Kevin Sumlin?


Thomas Winzeler

Kevin Sumlin before his meeting in which he’s told by the athletic director he’s fired

Thomas Winzeler, Assistant Editor

Texas A&M played UCLA on September 3. They were up 42 to 10 late in the third quarter. One would think they would win. Nope! They blew a 32 point lead due to poor clock management. On September 9, Texas A&M played Nicholl State. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that A&M took a commanding lead after they put Jake Hubenak in at quarterback. The last three Texas A&M coaches went 8-5 at the end of the season after starting hot by going 8-5, because of poor play calling, clock management and mishandling of injuries at the quarterback position, causing three top recruits at the QB position to leave, two left in the same season.

How could this be? Sumlin started out so hot with Johnny Manziel; how could he fall to this level?!? Well, Johnny was covering his mistakes by doing what Johnny does, scrambling and making plays. Sumlin showed he can not call plays without a player who can cover them up or an Offense Coordinator who can override those play calls. If Kliff Kingsbury had stayed, A&M would be better or maybe we would still be 8-5. We may never know because he left for Texas Tech (I cry myself to sleep about that every single day) and we got stuck with Spavital and then we realized he sucked, so we got Noel Mazzone who still sucks and is even more stubborn. Aggies everywhere yell at their TV screens every Saturday, in hopes Mazzone will hear them, “THE BUBBLE SCREEN WILL NOT WORK! STOP CALLING THAT PLAY!”

Alabama does not call that play every drive and LSU does not call that play every drive. EVERY SINGLE GOOD TEAM IN THE SEC DOES NOT CALL THE BUBBLE SCREEN; ONLY THE BAD TEAMS DO! These are examples of the offensive coaches who Sumlin hires: incompetent people that a 10-year-old who plays Madden a lot could out coach! The only good hire he ever made was Kliff Kingsbury, and he left.

Sumlin can not coach and deserves to be fired!