NFL Draft Review

NFL Draft Review

Thomas Winzeler, Asparagus Editor

This year for the NFL Draft, The Wigwam will looking at the first round and some of the major picks and analyze them. Seeing that nobody really pays attention after the first round, doing the other rounds would be useless.

The major picks:

Myles Garrett going to the Cleveland Browns. While it was not a surprise that he would go #1, some rumors before the draft were going around about the Browns mucking this pick up by picking Mitchell Trubisky. The Browns for years have been picking QB’s in the first round for years and none of those picks panned out well. This year the Browns went with a smarter decision. All they need to do is decide on a QB and stick with him.

Mitchell Trubisky going to the Bears. Most are saying this is a waste of a pick. While his stats may not measure up to the other QB’s that went in the first, we must remember that Tom Brady’s stats, measurement and highlights weren’t up to snuff for teams to pick him till the 6th round, he became one of the best QB’s in the league! Mitchell could be the same way and the Bears may have struck a diamond in the rough.

Patrick Mahomes going to the Chiefs at the tenth pick. Another player that could be a diamond in the rough. Although, he’s more of a early to mid second round draft pick.

The Dallas Cowboys first round Pick: Taco Charlton. Lance Zierlein from says in his bottom line “inconsistent” has been the buzzword that has followed Charlton since coming to Michigan, but he began the process of shaking it during his senior season. Charlton is an ascending prospect with the size, length, athleticism and pass-rushing potential that NFL general managers dream of. What you see today might not be what you get. While his production coming out of college will be modest, he could become a substantially better player as a pro if he’s committed to the weight room and willing to absorb coaching. High-impact defensive end with all-pro potential is his ceiling. His floor is solid starter.
-Lance Zierlein

What Lance says is True. Taco going to be a starter. If he’s ever going to be something else, like a Hall of Famer or an all pro or a pro bowler, than he needs to hit the weight room and listen to the coaching. He can be great; he just needs to work on getting that greatness out of him.

Overall, this draft class is a pretty good one. It has some future stars and players willing to prove the naysayers that this draft class is a weak one.