Dallas Stars Ends Season

Dallas Stars Ends Season

Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

The 2016-2017 season is over for the Stars.  The team finished second to last in their division, coming just in front of the Colorado Avalanche.

The Stars, in attempt to better their team, have released former head coach Lindy Ruff, and re-hired Ken Hitchcock, their head coach from 2014, when they won their division. Through trades and agreements, they have managed to snag the third spot for their overall draft pick. I believe that they will need major help and players in the front. The offense this year did not perform as well as they were predicted to.

Another option for the Stars is to bring up players from their secondary system: the Texas Stars. However, bringing up too many players could harm them more than benefit them. If they bring an abundance of players up to the NHL, it will prevent them from getting new players that they can actually use on the ice.

With the defense, there shouldn’t be much change because of extended contracts, especially with key players such as John Klingberg and Stephen Johns. However, they are not extending contracts to players such as Jamie Oleksiak. Even though he was not a starting player, he was consistent, and I believe that if they do not keep him on the team it will hurt them.

With drafts approaching, times are intense and all awaiting Stars fans are eager to see who is on the lineup for the year. All fans can hope for is that they make the right choice.