Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor

It’s the that time of the year again folks. Get ready to smell the hot dog vendors, sit in the hot plastic seats, and listen to crazy fans cheer on their teams. It’s baseball time. I live for going to baseball games. Walking through the tunnel that leads to the field, then seeing the hugeness of it and everyone cheering for their team is magical. If you could not tell, baseball holds a special place in my heart. Don’t get me wrong; I like other sports, but baseball will always have extra meaning for me. The nostalgia of going to baseball games takes me back to when I would travel all over the place for my brother’s team. We spent many weekends attending double header games, so I was basically raised in the baseball atmosphere. Baseball calms me down and brings me back to sanity when I am stressed.

Furthermore, I want to inform anyone who is not familiar with baseball so she or he may also love baseball as much as I do. Even though I may have made myself to sound like a pro, trust me, I am no Einstein, but I have basic knowledge about it. For starters, there are nine defending players on the field with one offensive hitter. The catcher who squats behind the hitter does exactly as the name says. He tells the pitcher to throw a certain kind of pitch, then catches the ball and throws it back to the pitcher. The hitter has three chances to hit the ball; after the third chance he is out. A walk is when the pitcher throws four bad balls, then the hitter gets to jog to first base without having to hit the ball. There are four bases: first, second, third, and home plate. The players at the first three bases must have one foot on the bag and catch the ball before the hitter gets to the base in order to get them out. Three outs end the inning. The shortstop, which is in between the second and third baseman, is a gap filler to pick any balls up that might go in the gap between the second and third baseman. There are three outfielders. Their job is to catch any balls that go to the outfield.

Once the hitter gets around to all four bases, he scores a run. There is no time limit in baseball. There are nine innings in professional baseball and to end an inning, the defensive team must get three outs. The time span of most professional baseball games is about three hours.

These are the basic rules of baseball. If you are wanting to more info on the logistics of baseball, just look online or buy a book.