Texas Rangers Season Preview


Thomas Winzeler, Asparagus Editor

A full bullpen that has the same pitchers from last year, Mike Napoli, Carlos Gomez, Nomar Mazara, Adrian Beltre, Beard tugging Jonathan Lucroy, a healthy Yu Darvish, Cole Hamels and the rest of your AL West Champs Texas Rangers are returning. This year, Rangers fans have a reason for hope. Hope that a World Series win that eluded us in 2011, would finally come home to Texas. I unfortunately have to be the bearer of bad news and  crush the overly optimistic fans’, who say that the Rangers are going to win it all, hopes. The Texas Rangers will not win it all this year. Yet again, they will get close, and yet again, it will elude them.

BEST Case Scenario: Elvis Andrus continues to play well. He retains his form from last year and is in the running for MVP, along with Adrian Beltre. Adrian Beltre has another great season; this would be his second to last season. His last two seasons will be the best seasons he’s ever played. Nomar Mazara and Rougned Odor continue to flourish; both show their promise. Rougned continues to dominate at second base and his performance at the plate continues to catch up. Nomar continues to play well and he will not have a sophomore slump. Mike Napoli, even though he’s at the age when he should be on the decline, shows no decline at first base nor at the plate. Jonathan Lucroy has an okay season. He does well as catcher, but he does okay at the plate. Shin Shoo Choo continues to get hurt and Josh Hamilton also stays hurt. The Rangers make it to the ALCS but lose in game 7. They fight back after being down 3-1 only to lose to a walk off home run. They lose by one run.

The most likely scenario: Elvis does well. Adrian Beltre starts to show his age a bit but not much to affect his play. Same for Cole Hamels. Yu Darvish plays well. The bullpen does well and helps to keep the team afloat. Nomar Mazara has a bit of a sophomore slump but he still plays at the same level. Mike Napoli does show his age and has a bit of a decline in his play. As in the best case scenario, Jonathan Lucroy does okay, Shin Soo Choo still gets hurt and Josh Hamilton never sees any action. The Rangers lose yet again in the ALDS. Although this year it shall not be the Toronto Blue Jays They lose in game 5.

Worst Case Scenario: The whole team has an okay season. Elvis proves that last season was a fluke, Beltre’s, Cole’s, Lucroy’s and Napoli’s ages definitely become a problem. The bullpen again keeps us afloat. The young guys like Carlos Gomez, Nomar Mazara and Rougned Odor keep the team from being last place. The Rangers come second or third place in the AL West and come two to three games close to clinching the division.

The Rangers have a lot of reason to be hopeful. It just depends on if the talent they have plays well and does not get hurt. The pieces are in place; it just depends on how those pieces play.