Rolling Through High School


Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Rey Contreras is on varsity, number three in district, has beaten two professionals, and her team is going to regionals.

You may be wondering what sport this could possibly be and why you haven’t heard of these successes. The simple answer is bowling.

Bowling is an ignored sport that holds amazing opportunities for high school and college students.

“Bowling is a mind game. It isn’t just throwing a ball. It’s your mindset that drives you and helps you excel,” Contreras said.

Last year her attitude wasn’t where it should have been in order to shine to her brightest potential, but this year is a different story as she has proven through this season. With these successes, Keller High School is bound to gain yet another achievement in the athletic arena. Only this achievement will be in the shadows of the other achievements of the school simply due to the unawareness of the sport. This doesn’t Contreras’ love for her sport, though.

“It’s diverse; the height of the people, the size, nationalities, gender, none of it matters,” Contreras said.

This is one out of endless reasons why Contreras loves bowling and is proud, yet humble, of what she does. “Teams are your support. Teams make it worth winning or losing or whatever the case may be,” she said.

If you want to be a part of something amazing, help the bowling team here at school gain more reputation and support. You can join next season and not only have a new hobby that holds the potential of you following in love with, but you can also gain scholarships, new friends, and amazing memories that have yet to be discovered.