Way Too Early World Series Predictions for 2017 MLB Season

Way Too Early World Series Predictions for 2017 MLB Season

Evan Starr, Staff Writer

Baseball season has begun! From Little League, to high school, to the MLB, gloves are popping and bats are cracking. The big boys up in the MLB are finally reporting to spring training anxious to get the 2017 season underway.

One of the main questions around this time of year is who will be World Series contenders? So here is my list on which teams have a chance to do something special in 2017.

My favorite to win the World Series 2017 are the Boston Red Sox with a ridiculously good pitching staff including Chris Sale, David Price, Craig Kimbrel and others. This team would be really good even without Dustin Pedroia, Hanley Ramirez, Mookie Betts. This team has to be the absolute favorite to win it all in October.

Another favorite is the Cleveland Indians, coming off of a heartbreaking game 7 extra inning to the Cubs with young superstars like Francisco Lindor and veterans like Jason Kipnis and newly acquired free agent power hitter Edwin Enarnacion. This team has a chance to be really good and give the Red Sox a run for their money.

One of the teams that is more of a sleeper but may be able to make something happen is the Texas Rangers. The Rangers are still a very young squad, who had a great regular season in 2016, but a very disappointing postseason. They should be ready to bounce back and maybe make something happen in 2017.

And finally, I have to throw the defending champions Chicago Cubs out there. This team didn’t gain a lot over the offseason, but didn’t really lose a lot either. Yes, they did lose the shutdown closer Aroldis Chapman and leadoff hitter Dexter Fowler, but they still have all their young talent with 2016 NL MVP Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Javier Baez. You can’t say that this team doesn’t have a chance to defend their title.  Unlikely, yes but we have seen crazier things happen.

Though the regular season hasn’t even started yet and when it come to sports you never know what can happen, I strongly believe that these four teams will be their in October making a run and that coveted World Series trophy.