NBA Dunk Contest FAIL!

Evan Starr, Staff Writer

The NBA dunk contest at one point was one of the most exciting things in the sport, but since has gone way downhill, and now is a joke. With guys missing dunks left and right, and guys just doing basically the same dunk over and over again, the dunk contest just isn’t fun to watch anymore and really isn’t that impressive.

What made the dunk contest so great is that NBA legends and all-stars would compete in it. Guys like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Vince Carter would compete and take it seriously to try to win. Now guys like Lebron James just won’t participate for no apparent reason, and the guys that actually do it aren’t top notch players like James. They don’t care about winning  so they don’t go all out and try a dunk that we have never seen before. When Michael Jordan dunked from the free throw line, it was something we had never seen before; the same goes for when Vince Carter stuck his elbow in the rim. It was creative, something players now days apparently lack because every single dunk they do we have seen before, sometimes even in a game. They’re doing dunks that we have seen people do in the middle of an actual game, really?

Also, every dunk they do looks in some ways similar to the last guys. It seems like all these guys can do is do some variation of going through their legs, which, don’t get me wrong, is very impressive, but again we have seen it before. It no longer leaves us with our jaws hitting the floor, and that’s what I want from a dunk contest.

With the incredible dunk contest a year ago between Aaron Gordon and Zach Levine, I thought that the dunk contest had been revived and was making a comeback to be like it was back in the day. Although after this year’s, it doesn’t look that way.