Dallas Stars Review

Dallas Stars Review

Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

Over the past few weeks, the Stars have demonstrated some improvement. They have changed both their offensive and defensive shifts slightly. This gives them some sort of momentum.

On the other side of it, they have traded away three of their major players: Forward Patrick Eaves, one of the Stars’ leading goal scorers known for his overtime play and accuracy when making penalty shots; Jordie Benn, relative of captain Jamie Benn, who was traded for an early draft pick; and Johnny Oduya, not a major defensemen but a consistent one, who was paired with Jamie Oleksiak and the two of them were among the strongest shifts.

Dallas is within reach of the playoffs, but the games all seem to go the same. Typically, the other team scores, then Dallas scores, and after that the other team scores multiple times without the Stars being able to recover. They have had some big wins though, just recently defeating the Washington Capitals 4-2. Instead of being the team to lose pace after scoring, they became the team to win due to multiple goals in the second and third periods.

Overall, the Stars have been getting better; however, they are still trying to find a team dynamic. Once they find it, the will take massive strides in their game play.