Where’s Romo?



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Jacob Mitchell, Staff Writer

During the past NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys have been blessed with a new young quarterback that can throw the ball accurately and has great football instinct. His name is Dak Prescott, and he is a young man that can lead the Cowboys to many successful seasons in the future. But let’s not forget about our franchise quarterback that has led our offense for the past 10+ years. Tony Romo has been named second string at the quarterback position behind Prescott. Romo is still a very good quarterback who could start on a lot of teams around the country. Knowing that he could play somewhere else, where will he go?

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has a special relationship with Romo. They have become friends throughout the years and although Romo has been benched, the relationship remains. Jones has said that Romo will have a say in where he goes next season. This being said, Romo won’t be dumped off to a crappy team like the Browns or the Jaguars. This leaves only a few successful teams who are both in need of a quarterback and willing to make the trade for Romo.

One of the respectable teams in need of a quarterback is the Cowboys in-state rivals, the Houston Texans. After acquiring prospected star, Brock Osweiler, last season, the Texans were optimistic that their quarterback problems were solved. Unfortunately, their expectations for Osweiler were not fulfilled. The Texans still managed to make it to the playoffs as they relied heavily on their top tier defense. Considering their defensive power and their offensive weapons, Romo would be able to do very well with the Houston team. If the Cowboys were able to trade Romo for one of the Texans good defensive players, everyone would be happy.

Another team that could potentially trade for Romo is the 2016 Super Bowl Champion, Denver Broncos. After Peyton Manning retired, the Broncos were left scrambling for a quarterback to lead their team. After controversy over who would fill the position, they decided on Trevor Siemian in his sophomore season out of Northwestern University. Siemian had an average performance throughout the season, but he wasn’t the playmaker the Broncos needed. Ending with a record of 9-7, the Broncos had an okay season thanks to their defense. Trading Romo to the Broncos for a defensive weapon would allow the Broncos to return to their Super Bowl Champion status and give the Cowboys a boost where they need it: their defense.

Considering the fact that Romo is entering his late 30’s, he might decide that it’s too much work to go after a Super Bowl with another team. If he decides this, Jones will surely offer him a pay cut and a spot as the backup quarterback for the Cowboys. Alternatively, Romo might decide he is tired and retire a little bit earlier than he expected to. With all these options, it will be interesting to watch and see where Romo ends up.