The NFL needs to get rid of sudden death overtime

Thomas Winzeler, Asparagus Editor

This Super Bowl has brought up the debate on the overtime sudden death rule. If a team scores one touchdown in overtime or kicks a field goal after only one possession, they automatically win. Which isn’t exactly fair.

We need to have a rule where either both teams get possession of the football or the game goes all 15 minutes of the OT. There has been only one Super Bowl that has gone into overtime. There’s loads of examples during the season. Too many to count.

So what I will say is that most, if not all other sports and leagues overtimes, aren’t sudden death. In a soccer cup match the overtime goes for 20 minutes. There are two halves and a small halftime in between. It goes like this until a team scores. In normal games the games just end in a tie.

American football games should be like this.