2017 Mock Draft First 5 Picks

McKenna Hixon , Staff Writer

  1. Cleveland Browns- Last year the Browns took a pass on Carson Wentz only to draft five wide receivers and some miscellaneous players that did not make an influence on their game clearly, as they went 1-15. The Browns biggest needs for this draft are strengthening their defense. They have an opportunity to do this with Texas A&M Defensive End, Myles Garrett. The Browns need a pass rusher, which Garrett can do to strengthen the second worst defense in the league. The Browns have had so many number one picks that have just ended up being a bust and hopefully this year Garrett can make an impact for this disaster of a team.
  2. San Francisco 49er’s- The Niner’s are a big wild card in this year’s draft. They need a quarterback, but they may use the Bear’s need at quarterback to their advantage to float the pick. The Niner’s could end up trading down if they don’t love any of the top quarterback’s, or I could see them potentially landing Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster because they need huge gains in their defense; they have the worst defense in the league.  
  3. Chicago Bears- The Bears have the potential to snag a game changer in Deshaun Watson, who I believe has the potential to turn Chicago around in the post Jay Cutler era. Should Deshaun not fall to Chicago, I then predict they will still get a quarterback with Mitch Trubisky. I think that if the Bears manage to get Watson then Chicago will be on the come up in the following seasons.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jaguars are another team that I think with snagging some impact players in the draft they could be on the rise in the upcoming years. Their defensive line has huge potential, and if they add Jonathan Allen from Alabama, which I predict they will, he could be a beginning of the season start and make some splash plays for them.
  5. Tennessee Titans (From LA Rams)- The Rams gave up this pick to the Titans who drafted Jared Goff in the 2016 draft, but only ended up starting four games. Fortunately, the Titans had a big season this year, after the tragedy that was their 2015 season. Marcus Mariota really turned the Titans around this year with other explosive offensive players in Demarco Murray and Delanie Walker. The Titans having a pick this early after having such a big turnaround this season is huge. The Titans are another team that need to beef up their defense, specifically their secondary. This could be achieved by LSU Safety, Jamal Adams.