Track: It’s That Time of the Year

Track: Its That Time of the Year

Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. There will be kids sprinting in circles and guns going off. Sweat pouring down the athlete’s faces and backs with faces redder than a bald uakari (red faced monkey) and legs striding, arms pumping, hearts thumping louder than drums as they bolt. Why do these human gazelles run around a rubber oval? Competition.

“The guy’s team dynamics is competition. We are very competitive, because we are all competing for a spot on the team. Coach Overshown pushes us and gives us hard workouts, so we get better,” junior Grant Grider said. Grider is in football, wrestling, and track, so it is pretty safe to say he is quite athletic. With all of these activities, he must be well-stretched.

“One thing I would change about track is stretching. We do not stretch enough before a workout,” Grider said.

Track has been working out their athletes immensely, whether it be 8x400s12x300s; the athletes are constantly working hard on and off the track. They stay after school to practice their event until around 5:30 p.m., then do weights in the morning at around 7 a.m. Hard work pays off through the awards and titles, and best of all, these athletes get to hang around their peers. When you suffer and celebrate together the track team grows closer together as a unit.

“Hanging out and talking to my friends at the meets is pretty fun,” Grider said.

The other cool thing is you get to talk to other kids from different schools and meet new or see old friends. Track meets give athletes the opportunity to converse and meet other physically dedicated students.

Even though track is hard work, athletes are rewarded through the triumphs of the events and camaraderie  between each other.