The College Basketball Season So Far

Evan Starr, Staff Writer

The college basketball season is in full swing with conference play finally starting and March Madness fast approaching. The top 25 already has gone through many changes, and there are already a few surprising teams and players that have shocked the college basketball world.

Baylor came out of nowhere, starting the season unranked to being number 1 in the nation in only a matter of weeks (only to lose their first game as #1), but still  have already shocked college basketball. Indiana did the exact opposite, starting the season in the top 10 and beating Kansas (#2 in the nation now) their first game, are now completely unranked.  But with all this madness their teams that are usually really good like Kansas, Duke, Kentucky and North Carolina are still good and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

As usual there is a lot of talent this year across the country. Freshman like Josh Jackson, Malik Monk, and Lonzo Ball are leading the way for freshman across the country, and are playing a big part in their respected teams success, and with March fast approaching there is no better time.