Shedding Light on Wrestling

Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor

Compared to football, wrestling does not get much attention. There has not been a lot of talk of dates of wrestling matches or how much they are, but wrestling athletes deserve just as much recognition as the football players. They wake up in the morning for 6:15 practice, wrestle straight for two hours, sweat buckets, and they rarely get to play wrestling games.

“What gets me up everyday to wrestle is the competition. I want to win,” junior Callahan Kelly said.

The team tends to wrestle in tournaments on Fridays and Saturdays, which last for a long time. Callahan Kelly recalls them being his favorite part of wrestling except he wished they would go faster and not take as long. “It’s tough but rewarding,” Kelly said.

There are about thirty to forty students in wrestling and a tiny percentage of about three to four are girls. During practice the girls wrestle each other, but let’s say for example only one girl shows up then she must wrestle a boy around her weight. I have not done that or even wrestled period, but I would imagine this may be awkward, but I applaud these girls for not thinking about it and just going and doing their job.

The entire wrestling team volunteers together, which is pretty sweet. They are not only representing their club in a positive manner, but also our school. They have volunteered for the Community Storehouse and a church toy drive which is incredible the way they give back their time. All students need to learn at a young age to give back to their community and help the less fortunate. Volunteering should be hammered into people’s brains and the coaches are helping initiate this sort of mindset.

“Coach Evans is cool and he relates to us,” Kelly confidently stated.

Summing it up, wrestling deserves more attention because they not only work hard but also are exemplary teenagers volunteering together. They get up at the crack of dawn together, work hard together, and volunteer together.