Are the Dallas Stars shining?

Are the Dallas Stars shining?

Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

Over the period of their last five games the Stars, to say the least, have been inconsistent. They have won two games and lost three. In the past, they have struggled to keep a win streak going.

Overall, I think that their defense is far more efficient than their offense. The defensive shifts are what is keeping the Stars in the game. Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn have not been performing to the standard people expect of them. Defensive pairs like John Klingberg and Esa Lindell, along with Jamie Oleksiak and Johnny Oduya, have been critical in plays. Klingberg and Lindell’s goals from neutral ice have been game-winners. In some instances, both of their point count rising as the offense remains stagnant.

Although not from the last five games, the Stars have repeatedly had issues with overtimes. My opinion towards the problem is that they are not starting out with the right shifts. Because of the Star’s trouble with overtime, they should start out with two defensemen and one player on offense. By doing that, they will be able to figure out the other team’s shifts, most of the goals the opposing team scores are in the first shift.

The ideal first set of players would be: Radek Faksa, a centerman, who has been very effective in the last five games, with a scoring streak of three. Next would be John Klingberg, a defenseman, who has proven himself by being one of the highest scoring defenders on the team. Lastly would be Jason Spezza, another centerman; he and Klingberg have cleverly executed a drop pass for many games now. He is one of the highest scoring members on the team.

In conclusion, I believe that the reason for inconsistency is the shifts. The right people are not put together very often resulting in a lack of chemistry. The team as a whole needs to buckle down in the first period, seeing as that is when most of the goals are scored on them. The Stars have been very effective in moving the puck around, they just need the right people at the right time to do it.