Cowboys Miracle

Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor

    Who would have thought that the Cowboys actually have a chance to go to the Super Bowl? I feel like in the past years, die hard fans say every time at the beginning of the season “I think we are going to the Super Bowl”, but end up with a terrible record. Although after years and years of saying this they might actually be correct. What is their secret weapon you ask? Two words, Dak Prescott.

    With the injury of Tony Romo, people were devastated, “how are we supposed to get through the season” fans stressed. Tony Romo has been a main face of the Cowboys for thirteen years, and happens to be their quarterback. It is weird that someone else has taken his position, because I have been so accustomed to turning on the football game and watching Romo lead the Cowboys to a loss. Last year’s record we had four wins and twelve losses, so it is safe to say we did not perform too well.

    Honestly, a football team cannot do much worse than that; yes they can lose all of their games but we were so close to accomplishing this. We ONLY won four games out of sixteen, that is pretty awful. We came in last in our division, so we needed some kind of change. I’m sympathetic towards Romo because I know what it is like as an athlete to be injured repeatedly. You sit on the bench knowing that you can’t contribute or help your team. You just have to watch the game unfold; you have no participation in it. Then to get back into somewhat decent shape to play, and right when you get in there and start to get use to playing again, injury befalls you. The only words to describe Romo’s and I’s feelings are that we were irritated, distraught, and defeated that our body could not take the impact. It is so hard to stop doing what you love. Basically, I do feel somewhat bad for Tony Romo, but man the Cowboys needed  to change in one way or another. His injury was a blessing in disguise for the Cowboys organization.

    Back to Dak, the rookie has proved himself beyond what anyone could have imagined. The fourth-round draftee has led the Cowboys to 11-1 record. The only team they have lost against is the New York Giants but the score was so close being 20-19. The game was tight and on top of playing against Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepherd,it was Dak’s first game.

    Dak is rising in fame and gaining recognition in professional football. He didn’t get his skill by luck though. His college coach, Dan Mullen, from Mississippi State has prepared him well. A lot of the plays Mullen runs are also professional plays too. Mullen wants to prepare his players for the next level. With the help and guidance of Mullen, Dak was definitely more prepared and accustomed to the ways of professional football. When he came in for Romo he understood the plays, the coaching staff did not need to “dumb down” the plays. Dak Prescott with only being a rookie has proven himself  a worthy and valuable quarterback.

   When Romo “recovered” from his injury, fans wondered how the Cowboys were going to handle the situation. Jerry Jones had said in an interview that the “Cowboys were Romo’s team and he could call the shots” but after Prescott proved himself it was evident that Dak deserves to start. He had put all those w’s on their record, so it only seemed right that he finish up the season. Thankfully, Romo gracefully bowed out and gave the position to Dak. He basically says that Dak has proved himself and he remembers back in the day when he used to be him; The rookie quarterback playing in place of a well known one. Romo loves the sport so it is hard for him to sit out but he understands the situation. You can look up his speech online, and it is quite moving; this was my favorite Romo moment. My favorite Romo moment was not him throwing a touchdown that was my favorite moment, but when he showed the qualities of what it truly means to be a team player and a man. His speech showed what kind of man he is.

    All in all, the Cowboy fans are reassured that Dak is more than capable of possibly leading the Cowboys to the Super Bowl this year, plus this time though they actually have wins in their record to back them up.
Cowboys at Redskins 9/18/16