The World series


Matt Sweren, Staff Writer/Broadcast Journalism

It’s that time of year folks, the world series is here. Its when October baseball is at its finest. Where hearts get broken and where champions are made. This years October classic is one for the ages. Playing, are the Chicago cubs and the Cleveland Indians. Both teams have taken awhile to get to this point. The last time the Indians won the world series was 1948. A whopping 68 year and for Chicago an even longer drought. 1908 was the last time they won the October classic a 108-year drought. So for both teams have come long ways to get to this point.

The Indians route to the playoff route was a small challenge for what kind of diversity they had this year. Franchise player Michael Brantley played only 11 games this season. A normal .300- hitter who was sideline by injury. So that was a big hole in the line up. But Indians 3rd baseman Jose Ramirez stepped up and had a career year hitting .312 and driving in 76 RBI while leading the Indians to their division title. Hitting is not the only thing that got the Indians where they are today. Pitching was impeccable for what they started with and what people thought they had at the beginning of the year. Corey Kluber, the ace of the staff had an off year last year by having a 3.49 ERA and a .231 BAA. Which compared to this year was nothing where he had a 3.14 ERA and a .216 BAA. Putting a strong case for the CY Young award this season. If he wins it will be his second CY Young award in the last 3 years with him winning it in 2014. And the main thing to the Indians success was was a trade made by the Indians and the Yankees for middle reliever Andrew Miller. And you may think “oh middle reliever that’s nothing.” But this made has made a bigger impact on the team then any of them had all year and from what I’ve seen it’s the biggest impact player in the whole MLB.

Now for the cubs, the Cubs started the season coming in as the favorite to win their division. With there farm system finally all up in the bigs it was time for the big push at the pennant. With off season signing of all star out fielder Jason Heyward and super utility man Ben Zobrist it was pretty easy to decide who’s the favorite going into the year. With reigning CY Young winner Jake Arietta on the squad the Cuba pitching staff was indeed on to beat. Especially with Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks both having careers years. All of the cub’s top 3 pitchers had a below 3 ERA which is unheard of especially with the hitters in the league nowadays. The guys leading the hitting squad, Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant. Both having phenomenal years they led the cub’s offense to a +263.0 run differential. With is insane considering the person behind them had a +176.0 run differential. Kris Bryant put up MVP numbers this year going .292 with 39 home runs and 102 RBI’S. which put him as front runner for this years MVP.

The series that started on October 25th in Cleveland. And was a complete shutdown by the Indians with the score 0-6 the Indians had 10 hits on the way to their victory. With catcher Roberto Perez hitting 2 home runs it was being easy victory for the tribe.

Game two was the opposite… cubs won in Cleveland scoring 5 runs and only allowing 4 hits with Jake arietta on the mound. Kyle Schwarber who has been on the DL since April. Came into game 2 as a DH and helped the Cubs to victory. Going 2-2 with 2 rbi and 2 walks he was the surprise of the post season.

Game 3 was a pitching showdown at Wrigley with Josh Tomlin on the mound for the tribe and Kyle Hendricks on the mound for the cubs. Both pitchers pitched flawlessly allowing 8 hits total between the two. They both pitched just under 5 innings. 1 run was scored in this game just one. In the top of the 7th with C.J. Edwards on the mound CoCo Crisp singled to right and Michael Martinez scored. The game goes run less till that point and Cody Allen closes it out. For the tribe victory.

Game 4 was an offence dominance by the Indians by winning 7-2. Jason Kipnis went 3-5 with a home run and 3 rbi. Carlos Santana also played great by going 3-4 with a home run. Corey Kluber also pitched great only allowing 1 run in 6 innings pitched. Indians go up 3 games to 1

Game 5 was the turning point. The game was close but the cubbies prevailed. By scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the 4th against Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer. Jon Lester went 6 innings and allowed 2 runs on the way to victory for the Cubs.

Game 6 was where the momentum for the cubs kept rolling with a 9-3 victory Jake Arietta allowed on 2 runs in just under 6 innings pitched. 22-year-old Phenom Addison Russell in the top of the third hit a grand slam to put the cubs up 7-0.

With that victory it went into game 7 where it is due or die. Loser goes home winner is glorified.

Game 7 was a thrill of emotions for both cubs and Indians fans. By the bottom of the 8th the cubs were up 6-3 with a safe three run lead. The cubs bring in the shout down closer for the 8th in 9th inning. But due to him having been pitched almost everyday that series he had some trouble. Right when you think the lead is safe boom… there go the Indians. Brandon Guying hits a rbi double driving in José Ramirez. Then Rajai Davis comes up to bat and hit a 2-run home run tying the game up. They bring back chapman in the ninth and they go three up 3 down. Extra innings come and then there was a half hour rain delay for all the fans dying to see what the rest of game 7 held for them. Top of the tenth Shwarber singled to right and was on with no outs. Shwarber was replaced by pinch runner albert Almora. Almora steals second. Which make the Indians intentionally walk cubs star player Anthony Rizzo to have force outs. After that all star super utility man Ben Zobrist came up to bat… he hits a double to left scoring Almora. Cubs up with a 1 run lead. Then the intentionally walk shortstop Addison Russell. Miguel Montero comes to bat with the bases loaded he hits a single to left scoring Anthony Rizzo to give the cubs the 2 run lead. The game wasn’t over there the cubs still had 3 more outs. With chapman worn down the bring in bullpen pitcher carl Edwards jr. a young pitcher who has yet to prove himself. He throws 2/3rds of an inning allowing one run when rajai davis hit an rbi single. To make the game 8-7 then the bring in bullpen pitcher mike Montgomery to close out the game for the cubbies. All it took was 2 pitches to have Michael Martinez ground out to 3rd baseman Kris Bryant.

Cubs win there first title in 108 years. The longest title drought in all of sports.

Ben Zobrist was named mvp of the series by going .357 and having 9 hits.

The cubs go home champs for the first time in 108 years. Congrats Chicago.