Romo vs Dak: Who Will Start?


Evan Starr, Staff Writer

Romo vs Dak, Dak vs Romo it seems like this all we hear as Cowboy fans on the radio or TV. Who should start? Romo has the experience but Dak is on a role and is winning games, This is Tony’s team, this is Daks team. The debate has been going on since the second week of the season when Dak got his first win against the Redskins and we have made no headway in knowing who will start for the rest of the season.

So who will it be? Well, Dak has been named the starter this week against the Browns because, according to Jerry Jones, “Romo isn’t ready yet healthwise,” But we all know that Tony could and would pay if Dak wasn’t doing so well and well… It’s the Browns.

On one hand I think you role with Dak as long as he keeps winning, on the other hand I think you go to Tony for his experience and for what he can do as a quarterback. So i really don’t know what the cowboys front office should do but I feel no matter what they finally choose to do, this team will keep on winning and winning and who knows what can happen in the playoffs.