NBA Off-Season


Jack Pittman-Heglund , Staff Writer

This NBS off-season has had a ton of huge changes that will effect the league in a number of different ways. For a start the salary cap has been raised from $70 million to $94.14 million so free agents who signed new contracts will get a much bigger pay day.The biggest story of this off-season is Kevin Durant who signed with the Warriors. The reason Durant’s move is such a big deal is because the Warriors already had a star studded roster before singing Durant. With Durant added to the warriors roster many players and teams feel as if the move was not fair to other teams and the league. Many people feel as if Durant’s move was weak because his previous team, the Thunder was eliminated in the playoffs by the team he joined, the warriors.

Many other teams made significant moves in the off season that have been overshadowed by Durant’s move. Big names like Dwyane Wade, Pau Gasol, Al Horford and Dwight Howard all moved teams. Many teams will be playing with entirely new looks to their game plan. One team that is going into this season with a new look is the Chicago Bulls, trading away former MVP Derrick Rose and making moves to receive star shooting guard and 3 time champion Dwayne Wade. The bulls also acquired former champion Rajon Rondo and center Robin Lopez in free agency. Another team coming into this season with a new look is the New York Knicks receiving Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah in a trade from the bulls.With talent like Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose and young, second year power forward Kristaps Porzingis they are hopeful to potentially make the playoffs this season.

One player can make a huge impact to a team and their success and that is what free agency is such a big deal. If a team acquires a impact player it can change their team and how they play for the better. Free agency can also create rivalries between teams and players because they could be conceived as traitors or unfaithful to their team or city. The free agency period is a crucial point in a NBA player’s career and can determine their future and success in the league.