College Basketball Preview

Evan Starr, Staff Writer

With college basketball approaching fast the question begins, who will win it all in March? And with the preseason top 25 coming out we all now have an idea which teams will have the best chances.

Duke gets the bid as the preseason number team in the nation and for now are definitely one one of the biggest favorites to win it all. Coming in at number two is the Kentucky Wildcats, and the number three team is the Kansas Jayhawks. These top three teams always seem to be in the running when talking about March Madness to run the table and bring home a championship for their respective colleges.

There are a lot of surprises in this year’s top 25, like Oregon ranked number 5 and Creighton and Rhode Island getting ranked 22 and 23. Just like every year these rankings will change drastically after the first week of play, but as it stands now it seems Duke is the most popular (and probably the safest) choice to win the championship.

That being said, it college basketball, anything and everything can happen at anytime during the season, so just like every year there is no lock team to make it to the final four. There is about 10 or maybe even more teams that have an equal chance as the top 5 teams this year in the preseason polls.