Basketball Basics

Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor

    With high school football season coming to a close, the excitement still continues with basketball. The energy level of the student section continues to maintain it’s hypeness or maybe even increases, since it is indoor in an enclosed space. The crowd screams with anticipation as the basketball players rack up points on the scoreboard. As basketball season “rolls” around the corner, we wait anxiously, but for those of you who are not as familiar with the rules do not fret. I am here to explain the basic rules.

    The objective of the game is to score more points than the other team. Points can be gathered by field goals which are worth two or three points and free throws one point.If a player makes a field goal within the three-point line, the player scores two points. If he scores outside of that, then his team receives three points.

    There are two teams of five who try and make a basketball go into their opponent’s hoop. The positions are point guard, centers, and forwards. The point guard directs the play. The centers stand by the hoop to get rebounds and they are taller. The forwards are responsible for taking outside shots or dribbling to the hoop and preventing the other team from driving the ball in and rebounding too.

    The offense has ten seconds to get across the mid-court line and once they get across they can attempt to shoot by either dribbling or passing. If you are dribbling, you cannot double dribble which is when you are dribbling the ball with both hands simultaneously or stopping the dribble and then continuing it; you either have to pass or shoot it.

    You also cannot hit, punch, push, or exercise any kind of illegal physical contact. If you are fouled or foul someone else when they are shooting, then the victim either gets two free throws depending if they missed their shot or not. If they did not miss then they only get one free throw shot. A free throw shot is where you stand on the free throw line and get to shoot without any defense on you.  

    These are just a couple of the basic rules for basketball, but if you really want to go into depth with more of the fouls, plays etc. then keep doing research. Hopefully, I helped you at least understand the basics, so when you do go to the game you are not lost.