The Lovable Losers

Jack Pittman Heglund, Staff Writer

As a native to the city of Chicago, I have been a lifelong cubs fan. Growing up I rooted for Sammy Sosa and played for the Cubs in T-ball and little league. I must admit that baseball is not my favorite sport and I only really keep up with it during the playoffs, but the cubs have always had a special place in my heart despite how bad they might of been throughout the years. The Cubs have had such a history of being bad that fans gave them the nickname “The Lovable Losers.”

In recent years the cubs have shaken that reputation of being a losing team with a young talented roster and bullpen.The cubs have actually made it to the world series this season for the first time since 1945. The 2015 and 2016 season are the only times we have advanced past the first round of the playoffs since 2003 where the famous Steve Bartman incident ensued. For those unaware of the steve Bartman incident, it was the 8th inning of the national league championship game against the Florida marlins and the cubs lead the series 3 to 2. The score was 3-0 and the cubs were just 5 outs from advancing to the world series. Marlin’s second baseman Luis Castillo was at bat and he hit a foul ball along the left side of the field bordering the stands and the field. Outfielder Moisès Alou Attempted to make a play on the ball which would have given the cubs 2 outs to the inning but a fan, Steve Bartman in the audience tried to catch the foul ball and interfered with the potential out. The cubs proceeded to give up 8 runs in that inning and losing the game. Many fans saw this incident as a turning point in the series and the because the cubs would lose the following game in Florida, losing the series. After the Bartman Incident, the cubs would not win a postseason game until 2015.

Cubs fans are optimistic this world series and hope to break their championship curse. They are facing the Cleveland Indians who haven’t won a championship since 1948 and have also dealt with a history of losing. The city of Cleveland is just coming off of a championship win with Lebron James and the Cavs so the city’s spirits are high. It will be tough for the cubs , but the city’s baseball fans have grown tired of their losing team having not won a championship game since 1907.