We Got Spirit, Yes We Do

Makenzy Bozosi , Staff Writer

Even though Keller High School may have its down sides, trying to have the best student section is not one of them. Even when your boys in blue are tired and want to give up, our student section stays standing until the buzzer beeps at the end of the fourth quarter. No matter if it’s a Thursday night, Friday night, or even Saturday, our students try their best to be at every game. One thing the Keller student section does well is remaining standing arm to arm squeezed together in tight space no matter what the heat is.

Keller’s student section also lacks some qualities that other schools appear to have, which makes them look like they have better spirit.For example, themes for each game. Other school’s have American themes, or camo, or white out, etc. If Keller had themes for each game, the student section would show a lot more participation in, and have more fun. Another thing Keller needs to do is chants, for example “we’ve got spirit yes we do,  we’ve got spirit how about you?” this chant gets the opposing team to engage in not only what the scoreboard says, but the student body. Doing this would help keep all our watchers to watch more of the game instead of just messing around. This also pumps up both teams to make their cheering for the boys even louder and more spirited.

School spirit is a big part of the whole high school experience, and not only do we want our football team to play well, but we also want to show others how dedicated the students are to their school. The bleachers being full every game show that kids want to attend school functions and don’t just get forced to go to school. Keller should try to do whatever they can to involve the whole student body in fun things like, dress up days, pep-rallies, football games (student section) in order to make Keller a more welcoming and fun school.