Dak Attack

Matt Sweren, Staff Writer

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys the year have been phenomenal. Thanks to the backup quarterback. That doesn’t sound right. But yes it’s true. Dak Prescott a 4th round pick out of Mississippi state is starting for America’s team his rookie year due to the fact the tony Romo was injured early in the preseason.

Dak was named the starter and he’s just blown up having the Cowboys go 4-1 in there first 5 games. Which for a rookie quarterback who was drafted in the 4th round is absolutely insane considering the first overall pick, Jared goff has yet to touch the field. And for the 26th overall pick in the draft, Paxton lynch has only seen very little playing time only playing 2 out of the 5 games already this season.

Dak has 7 touchdowns this year 3 rushing 4 passing and no interceptions all year. He set a record that is still going on with having 135 strait passes to start a career without throwing an interception. For a guy that was supposed to be Tony Romo’s backup for a long time he has played exceptionally great.

Unfortunately when tony Romo comes back from injury dak will be benched do to jerry jones saying it’s Tony’s team and he will start regardless of how Dak is playing. Which is bad considering it won’t be good for the team.

Until dak runs into trouble I believe they should keep Romo out. The offence is rolling like it hasn’t done in years and I believe a fresh new face for the cowboys will help them immensely. Having Dak will get them far. Farther than Tony ever has. The players are molding with Dak and i think changing that midway through the season will hurt the team.

Cowboys fans now have something to route for other than Tony Romo and Dez Bryant because he’s passing to everybody making sure everyone has there shot not just the one favorite receiver.

As former ESPN analyst said on twitter “Rookie Dak Prescott looks like he has been a successful NFL quarterback for quite awhile” which coming from a man with that kind of background is astonishing considering how long Dak has been in the league.