College Football Stats

Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor

     What is Fall without football? Yes, I understand the leaves change to beautiful shades of orange and red, the crisp mornings bite at your cheeks, the smell of vanilla and pumpkin fill your nose with a sense of security, but there is nothing like sitting with family and friends watching some good American football. The air outside might be chilly but inside, the living room crowds with people and delicious tailgating foods such as spicy wings and my favorite, buffalo chicken dip. Although, I am not writing to entertain you of autumn thoughts but rather to inform you about college football and team’s statistics.

    Starting with one of my favorite conferences, Big 12, Baylor leads the way with OKLAHOMA SOONERS trailing close behind and West Virginia bringing up the rear for third place as of right now. Hint hint, I might be a SOONERS fan, but I will try and keep my football politics out of this article.

    The next conference, Big Ten-East, Michigan lands first place with Ohio State trailing it’s wolverine butt. Penn State holds the third spot.

Another conference, SEC-east, you have Tennesse first, Florida second, and Georgia in third.

    The last conference that I am doing stats on is SEC-west with Texas A&M in first, Alabama in second but very close to A&M, and in third, Auburn.

    There are plenty more conferences for college football, but since I am limited with time and words, I will give you the joy of looking them up on ESPN!

    We are about halfway into the season or a little short of it, which is bittersweet. I normally am optimistic and look at the glass half full but it saddens me to think we are already almost halfway through, when I feel like it just began. I must stop myself though from those dark thoughts of college football ending for the season and just take each game in and enjoy it whether the SOONERS win or lose. Whoops, well I tried my best to stay unbiased and lasted as long as I possibly could.