The Hits And Swings of Keller

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Golf, or as many refer to “that game with the stick thing”, has over 24.70 million participates in the United States. The roots of this game date back all the way to the Song Dynasty in the year 960. While the golf style America knows and loves today has traditions founded in Scotland.

The Keller Golf team is in the midst of their fall season and waiting patiently for the spring season. Austin Burks and Paityn Nickels are members of the Keller high Golf team, they shared their ideas about golf and their teammates.

Austin Burks, a twelfth grader here at school found his passion for golf through his father. Golf to him is a time to enjoy and relax. He is in his fourth year being a member of the Keller Golf team. His teammates as he describes, are just as excited to tackle this years regional competition as he is.

Paityn Nickels, a junior, who has been participating in golf for six years. When asked what advice she would give to any amateur golfer. She stressed the need of a, “Swing coach”. A swing coach, Nickels explains, is a PJA trained instructor meant to train their pupils on how to swings their clubs perfectly. She has had two swing coaches, Troy Lewis, when she was younger, and now she trains with Josh Smith. Golf to her is a time to let her mind relax from the anxieties of the day.

The Keller High golf team is competing in their first tournament October 10 and 11. So go out and support your golfing Indians and you never know, you might just see the future Tiger Woods in action.

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