Put Tim In


Matt Sweren

Seniors hold up signs of Tim Andre to show convince the coaches to “Put Tim in!”

Matt Sweren, Staff Writer

On the night of the Keller homecoming game, seniors Clay Duggan and Pranav Vachaspati made signs for Keller varsity football player, Tim Andre.

As Tim sat on the sideline in awe of his peers making plays and tackles on the football field, people in the bleachers thought it was unfair how the best cornerback in the high school was not getting any playing time. They decided to chant, “Put Tim in; put Tim in; put Tim in,” but the coaches were not catching on.

Then the spectators tried to get at the coaches’ soft spots by saying, “Give Tim a chance; give Tim a chance; give Tim a chance.” The coaches never gave in. Maybe next time Tim will get a chance.