Quidditch vs Faculty Match Preview

Thomas Winzeler, Asparagus/Bulletin Editor

Last year the Keller High school Quidditch Team beat the faculty in the Student VS Faculty quidditch match, winning three of the four matches. This year the match will take place on October 7 on the quidditch pitch where the portables use to be.

The quidditch team is looking to make it three years of beating the faculty. But it will be hard this year because two of the best seniors left last year. The team has the players to beat the faculty. Keeper Jordan Jezek, Chaser Sarah Wenzel, and Chaser Alec look to lead the team to a victory as seniors, with Beaters Jacob Nast, Jack Heckle, and seeker Justin Gneiting also giving support. This team looks like it could beat the faculty for the third year in a row.

On October 7, the quidditch team encourages you to come out and cheer them on. You can also get in on the action and play with the team. You get a quick lesson on how to play and you watch in the first match. After the first match, you get in on the action and play. Afterward, you can go get a signup sheet to join.