Life of a Trainer

The Keller High School trainers pose for the camera

Julia Black

The Keller High School trainers pose for the camera

Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor

    Friday nights for most high schoolers are going and starting off their weekend by supporting, cheering their football team in the loud, energetic student section. They get their early, so they can get a good seat, then as crowds of people come into the stands, you get pushed together. Although, it doesn’t even matter, because the stadium is alive with noise. Throughout the game you more than likely will probably get hit by trash or water but you laugh it off with your friends and continue to cheer for the team. For Julia Black and her fellow trainers though, they are at the same event but with different experiences.

    Like I said, the trainers have a whole different perspective of the games than the student fans, who sit on the bleachers with no responsibilities. The trainers get the opportunity and real life experience to wrap the football players ankles, wrists etc. before a game or during if the players need it. If a player gets hurt like a torn ACL, they learn how to handle the situation. They are able to get a whiff of what a sports trainer does, and what their job consists of. Being on the field with a bunch of tall, muscular, guys in full pads would be very intimidating, but getting a first hand view of what games are like on the sideline must be surreal.

       All in all, even though trainers do not get get to sit in the stands with their fellow students, they get to make an impact on the football game and players. They also have the best seats to watch it, which are free. The trainers work hard to support the football team whether it be wrapping injuries or giving words of encouragement. The trainers are part of the team, and they are immersed in the atmosphere of commotion and positive vibes that is paired with high school football games.

     “My favorite part of being a trainer is just be down there with all of the players and helping them get back into the games as quickly as possible” Julia Black enthused.