Keller Quidditch Vs. Arlington Martin

Thomas Winzeler

Staff Writer

On Tuesday, October 16, the Keller High School Quidditch team has announced it will play another team. This announcement was made on the KHS Quidditch facebook page.

The post said, “We are working to schedule a match with another high school. However, that match is NOT this weekend. We will let you know ASAP, sorry for the confusion!”

It was later confirmed by Quidditch coach, David Clemmons, that the team will be playing Arlington Martin High School. They have not confirmed the date for the match, but this match will make up for the match that was cancelled because of weather. “They chickened out and forfeited the match,” commented Jordan Jezek, co-captain of the team, when Mr. Clemmons said, “They cancelled last year because of weather”.