Varsity Softball

Emily Darden

Staff Writer

The cold, muddy fields echo with the clap of softballs slamming into gloves and the sharp ring of bats making contact, delivering balls way into the outfield, and sending the talented batters sprinting, heart pounding with each footstep, to the white square of safety.

The Keller High School softball team, Coached by Bryan Poehler and Meagan Weldon, is fighting through the freezing weather to prepare for the upcoming season. All twelve girls are putting their heart into the game.

“I love it because it’s fun,” Miranda Day, 3rd baseman on varsity softball, said, “ Although we work our butts off, we always have a really good time!”

Practicing almost everyday since the second day of school, the softball team is not going to let anything stop them.

“Despite the fact that everyone was freezing because they forgot to bring the right clothes for the 20 degree weather,” Day said, “we still pushed through and worked very hard.”

As their first game quickly approaches, the team only gets better. Their daily hard work is preparing them for the season and giving them the confidence they need to win.

“We did really good for the first time we played together as a team,” Day said.

Despite the hardships, the team always finds a way to get better and still have fun in the end.

“We call ourselves the K-town Bomb Squad,” Day said, “and we are so ready to kill it this season!”

Working out together every day for months and going through tough drills and workouts has caused the girls to have a much tighter bond.

“My favorite part of softball is getting to play with my close friends,” day said, “We’ve been together for two years and we are really close.”

Come support the softball team, also known as the K-town Bomb Squad, at their first game February second! They plan to show just how hard they’ve worked and bring home a win.