Intense End to the Cowboy Season


Haley Goodman

Sports Editor | Social Media Team

  Sunday was a big day for football fans here in North Texas. The Cowboys played the Packers in the second round of NFL playoffs and this game will be long talked about.

The rulings made by the refs fueled an uproar with fans everywhere. The tide could have turned if one or two calls would have went the other way.

Wide receiver, Dez Bryant’s “amazing catch” caused immense amounts of controversy. Fans of all different teams had something to say about the overruled catch. Bryant “did not have control of the ball” when he touched down so the ball was returned to the Packers.

Many people think otherwise, but no matter where you stand in the football world, the Cowboys have had a successful season.

Other than this 26-21 loss the Cowboys were undefeated away. With their four losses being at home, the fans were getting pretty anxious. Jan. 4 the Cowboys had a huge win against Detroit, their first playoff game in years.

The game atmosphere against Detroit was crazy and I didn’t see one Lions fan the entire game. The Cowboys truly are America’s team and will have a secure fan base despite their record.

They ended their season with 12 wins and 4 loses. Even though they ended their season with a tough loss, the expectations for the Cowboys have risen. Fans expect them to come out and make next season an even better than this one!