Keller Hockey

Gabby Marta | Haley Goodman

Social Media Team | Sports Editor, Social Media Team
Because of Texas’s constant, hot weather, hockey is not the first sport you think of when it comes to the Lone Star State. But from October to March, Keller Hockey is in action!    

Starting off the season with a bang, the team went 4-0 in the leveling tournament. The regular season has just begun, and with just a few bumps in the road, they are 1-3-1.

Not many people are aware that hockey is in season right now, or where/when they play. The team has games in Farmers Branch, Plano, Euless and Mckinney. Keller has 2 teams, with players from all over KISD.

The days and times vary but make sure to come out to any game you can! We are hoping to show the same intensity of support given to sports like football and volleyball, and to bring the student section alive!

Keep a look out for the updated game schedule on the Wigwam Twitter!