Fall Ball Ya’ll

Samantha Mohr Gabby Marta

Gabby Marta and Samantha Mohr

Staff Writer/ Social Media Team

Playing under the lights is a softball player’s dream, and now Keller can live that dream once a week.

Every Wednesday and Thursday the softball team is playing against other teams in the district for the fall ball season.

Returning sophomore player Emily Morris, from last year’s JV team, explains that fall ball atmosphere is more relaxed and enjoyable opposed to the stressful and competitiveness of the spring season.

“We are here to have fun and enjoy the game,” Morris said.

Not only are players returning, and freshman joining, but also 8th graders who are planning on attending Keller are playing with the team this fall.

Due to lack of players that volunteered to play fall ball, Keller sought out Jordan Manning and Amanda Desario who both go to Indian Springs Middle School.

UIL rules state that anyone from any grade can join the fall ball team, even though it might be intimidating for some girls, except Manning and Desario.

These girls, having played for many years, are not phased by the older, bigger girls on the field.

Manning and Desario hope that their contributions to the fall ball team will land them a spot on the Keller softball spring team when they join the high school softball team.

“I don’t want to sound cocky…[but] We hope that they are looking at us for future spots on the 2016 spring team,” Desario said.

Last Wednesday they took home a win with the score of 18-3 against Richland. Fall ball is just a way to have fun. Go cheer them on tomorrow, and encourage them bring home more wins.