Kickin’ It

Lindsey Faust, Spotlight Editor

Allie Moroney is just like many other senior girls; she sleeps in on Fridays, she asks her friends what she should wear to school, and she parks in a painted senior parking spot. But one thing makes Moroney stand out from the majority of the class of 2014: Next fall, she will go on to play college soccer.

I chatted with Moroney about the stress and success she’s experienced over the last four years and how they will benefit her in the next phase of her life. As an athletic recruit, she started the college search process much earlier than most students do, a taxing and frustrating task.

“Well basically, starting sophomore year I had to go through the process of trying to decide where I wanted to go to college, which was really hard because as a sophomore you don’t know anything,” Moroney said. “But I had to start actually thinking about what I wanted to do with my life and that included spending my Saturdays compiling spreadsheets of college information.”

But the effort Moroney put in was not wasted; in the fall of 2014, she will join the University of Central Arkansas womens’ soccer team, a position she is thrilled to take.

“I’m looking forward to meeting the new recruits,” Moroney said. “I have my official visit coming up, which is where the college pays for you to visit the school and they take you to fun events and you get to meet the team … and they feed you for free.”

As enthusiasic as she is to join the team, Moroney is not without her fair share of worries.

“The year I come to play, twelve seniors are graduating, so that means the whole defensive line will be new,” Moroney said. “That means I’ll have to step up and be a leader.”

But her teammates aren’t the only ones she plans to impress.

“I’m a little worried about letting my parents down – I’ll be starting in my position, but the position is mine to lose,” Moroney mused. “In other words, if I don’t perform I’m in trouble.”

After thirteen total years of playing soccer and seven years of competitive play, Moroney has certainly put in the hours and effort that deem her worthy of this next step in her athletic journey.

“It took a lot of work,” Moroney said humbly, “but in the end it really paid off.”