For the Love of Baseball

Abbey Bowling, Sports Editor

Recently, Josh Hamilton said in a press conference that the DFW area is not a true baseball town. Excuse me, but you might want to check your facts, buddy. (In a poll by the Star Telegram, the Rangers beat out the Cowboys as the most popular team).


This is a low blow from Hamilton to the fans that did nothing but love and support him through all the relapses and all the slumps. It took Rangers’ fans five years worth of on and off field drama from Hamilton to bring the boos. If Hamilton had been playing in what he considers a “true” baseball town—think Boston or Chicago or New York—those boos would have come much earlier.


And as Hamilton said, the fans are “supportive, but they also get a little spoiled, at the same time, pretty quickly.”

Call me what you want, but I don’t think it’s spoiled to boo after a team blows a first place rank—a rank that they’d held the entire season—in the last games of the season. It’s just being frustrated and disappointed at the loss of the promising potential the team showed in April.

I’m a tried and true Ranger fan, and yes, I took offense at his comments last week. I was just as sad and maybe just as mad as the next fan in line to see Hamilton leave for Los Angeles (or is it Anaheim? We’ll never know). But just because Hamilton does throw out a careless comment without checking the facts doesn’t mean that we need to harass him. Whether you like it or not, he’s still a great player, one of the best. A change in uniform doesn’t change that. You don’t have to love him; you don’t have to cheer for him.


But please, for the love of baseball, give the guy some respect.