The Underdog Who Became The Top Dog

After entering the SEC, the Texas A&M fan group was at it ‘s absolute lowest number.  “They’re going to get killed,” they said. “This was the biggest mistake,” they claimed.  After 11 wins out of their 13 game season and a freshman quarterback winning the Heisman, Texas A&M football now has more fans than Kyle Field can hold.


  1. Johnny Manziel- The famous freshman quarterback who brought A&M their 2nd Heisman trophy in history and was the first ever freshman to win the award.
  2. The fact that they won the majority of their games this season, making them a team to watch
  3. Because your friends are going to A&M next year and you can’t make a decision for yourself, so you choose to follow them.
  4. Because A&M had some of the best-looking jerseys not only in the SEC, but also in all of college football.
  5. Because they are the ONLY Texas team who is good enough to play in the SEC.
  6. Because everyone would rather wear maroon than that god-awful burnt orange.
  7. Because A&M has the best offensive line in the SEC, which contributed to the success of the Heisman winning quarterback.
  8. Because Kevin Sumlin is the best coach in college football, hence winning coach of the year.
  9. Because A&M has plans to expand their stadium that already holds 90,000 people.

10. Did I mention Johnny Football?