Take a Swing

Lindsey Faust, Bulletin Editor

Golf is one of the sports most often forgotten or dismissed as “not a real sport,” but the golf team is proving that assertion false.


The team placed 11th in the state preview at Jimmy Clay in Austin in October, and won their first tournament this year, which was held at Horseshoe Bay in early November.


Junior Grant Davidson, a member of the varsity golf team, has been playing golf since 7th grade and is very passionate about the sport.


“I love the fact that it is not a team sport. You determine everything and don’t rely on other people. I also love how mentally demanding it is,” Davidson said. “It is the most beautiful scenic sport by far, so you get to enjoy the view.”


When asked about his goals for the season, Davidson instead responded with an aspiration shared by the whole team.


“We all have the same single goal of going back to state,” Davidson said. “I think that we have a great chance with the team we have.”


The team’s next tournament, the Aggie Cup, is coming up soon; it takes place on January 21st and 22nd, with the course to be determined.


So make sure to wish your favorite golf players good luck, and stay tuned to hear all about their future successes!