Patience is Key

Jake Sayre, Staff Writer

With the recent blunder of a season containing the second 8-8 season in the past two years, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems to be making good on his promise to create an “uncomfortable offseason” in which he says he will be making changes.

Within the past week running back coach Skip Peete and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan were fired from their respective positions.

To be fair, Skip Peete has been the running back coach for the Cowboys since 2007.

In that time, the team has not managed to have a single 1,000-yard rusher in that entire time. This year, Dallas ranked 31st in the league in rushing, second to last place.

He’s been given plenty of time to shape this teams running game into something somewhat recognizable, and all he managed was to watch it get worse.

On the other hand, firing Rob Ryan, I find it hard to understand this decision.

When he joined the team in 2011, in the previous year, the defense was ranked 31st. In one season, he managed to turn them into 14th.

Though this season they dropped five places, that was after they lost multiple starters to injury, and even to the point that they had to sign players from the free agent market to fill vacant positions, so under that context, it’s rather impressive.

Now people are questioning whether the head coach, Jason Garrett, has security in his job. He has an overall record of 21-19 with his two full seasons of coaching both being 8-8.

Understandably, many want to get rid of him. The issue with this though, is that he’s barely had any time to progress the team.

On top of that, he technically has two jobs at once, obviously head coach being one, and offensive coordinator being the other. In which he has to call all offensive plays.

NFL fans are always so quick to pull the trigger, especially Cowboy fans.

Many don’t seem to understand that in order to get results that will last, you need to be patient and let a formula play out.

Of course, there are many players that need to be evaluated, but to immediately call for the heads of anybody in sight just because you didn’t get the perfect results that you expected is absolutely ludicrous.