Changing Their Fate

Chelsea O’Neal, Photography Editor

Changing their fate: Keller High School Volleyball Advances to 2nd Round of Playoffs

 After finishing their season with 14 wins and only 4 losses, your Keller High School volleyball team found their way to the playoffs.

Though they had made it to the first round of playoffs last year, which unfortunately ended in a devastating way, the girls put fate in their own hands this year as they took the tough Arlington Lamar team to 5 games on October 30th.

Having lost of the first two sets, the chances of making it to the second round of playoffs was not looking very good for the Indians.

 “ It was kind of scary knowing that we were 25 points away from ending our season” said Senior outside hitter, Julie Haake. “None of us wanted it to end in the first round, and no one wanted to go to school on Friday, so were all agreed to win this.”

The girls decided they were not going to accept the same outcome as last year as they came back from 0-2, to beat Lamar in the next two sets.

Julie said, “We had to momentum going into the game, and none of us were going to accept losing after that comeback.”

 As the 3rd set started, not a single person was sitting down in the stands. From point to point the two teams fought back and fourth for the chance to advance on to the 2nd round of the 5A State Playoffs.

After a long, hard battle, the Indians then pulled ahead as they defeated the Crusaders 15-11 in the 5th set.

“We were looking forward to a road trip, which is motivation in itself, because we won’t settle for driving 6 hours and losing. It was such a relief knowing that our season was not going to end on Tuesday.”

Now advancing on to the second round of playoffs, the girls are going to play El Paso Franklin on Friday, November 2nd.

 When asked about her feelings towards tonight’s game, Julie said, “We need to go out there, play our game, and control our side of the court. Not to mention, bring home a victory!”

Though the game is in some small, unheard of town outside of Midland, texts and tweets to show your support for our hardworking volleyball team would be much appreciated! BEAT FRANKLIN!