Consistently Inconsistent

Jake Sayre, Staff Writer

34-14: that score goes down as the only playoff win the Dallas Cowboys have managed to accomplish since 1996, in which they routed the Minnesota Vikings 40-15. In that time span, the NFL’s most valuable franchise has consistently been able to be the most colossal underachiever in the game’s history.

Every year, the promise of a Superbowl championship creates a constant theme of disappointment and anguish to any fan of Big D.

It seems as though the Cowboys have managed to change from a team—what they used to be—into a brand, a business, an icon. They’ve gone so far from what they initially were in the early 90’s.

The Dallas Cowboys used to represent substance and a will to win. This current team represents style and advertising—with an uncanny ability to show flash—but unfortunately, there’s nothing underneath that shiny cover.

Ever since their Superbowl days, the Cowboys have remained inconsistent, but primarily since 2007, when the team went 13-3 to tie a previous franchise record, the team has managed to go 9-7, 11-5, 6-10 and 8-8. Not to mention the current record of 2-3. People enjoy blaming Tony Romo for this recent stint, despite him setting multiple passing records, surpassing men like Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman.

Very few people like to look at the real issue at hand: the owner, Jerry Jones. Blaming him has become antiquated, but that is simply because there is very rarely a purpose behind this finger pointing.

The reason Jones is the main problem simply stems from his constant difficulty to make a genuine commitment. He seems to be undecided whether he wants to start from scratch and rebuild this team, or if he wants to continue being a contender.

The Cowboys secondary has been struggling for years, so this offseason, Jones decided to go out and sign Cornerback Brandon Carr to a five year, $50 million contract. Yet the offensive line still remains in shambles, making it nigh impossible for Tony Romo to ever play effectively well.

That is the problem. Decisions and the inability to make up one’s mind. But what’s really saddening is it seems as though everyone is content with these results.