Under the Radar

Abbey Bowling, Sports Editor

With the success of the past two years to draw from, the Texas Rangers are powering through the last three weeks of the regular season with ease. But as the post season approaches, and with it another chance to grab championship glory, the pressure is on to perform exceedingly well. Touring the country with minimal time off, long games all take their toll on the popular players. Sometimes this can even lead to injury and sickness, causing the athletes to sit out much to the fans’ dismay.

However, instead of average, last-resort players taking their places, top notch athletes are the ones who step up to the plate and deliver with impressive talents that normally fly under the radar.

  • Craig Gentry. This young, speedy outfielder can certainly get the job done. Because of his speed, Gentry has an uncanny ability to steal bases like nobody’s business, which can put him into scoring position and thus make the difference in a tight game.
  • David Murphy. Although this humble outfielder doesn’t start every game, Murphy is always one to count on. He frequently gets on base (his On Base Percentage, or OBP, is .391), and he’s been known to make quite a few superhuman catches out in left field.
  • Robbie Ross. At barely 23 years old, he’s practically a baby, but this left-handed rookie relief pitcher is having an incredible debut season. Ross has yet to lose a game, and with a current ERA of 1.78, he performs incredibly well under pressure and has a knack for getting us out of trouble.
  • Matt Harrison. With a quiet, steady confidence and calming persona, this veteran pitcher has led us to the most wins this season, and currently holds the record for second-most wins in the American League. Harrison is a born leader, and when he’s on the mound you can rest assured he won’t lose control easily.
  • Mitch Moreland. After coming back from paternity leave when his wife gave birth to their son in July, this first baseman has been hot. With a batting average of .279 and slugging percentage of .493, Moreland’s bat can always pull through.

Although these players may not be starters, they are reliable athletes who can give the overworked ballplayers a well deserved break while getting their own time to shine on the field.  There is a hunch, too, that maybe they’ll help push us to our first World Series title, too.