From Fish to Sharks

Senior Swimmers Recognized in Senior Meet

From Fish to Sharks

Kelly Fagerman, Editor-in-Chief

Most seniors consider the end as graduation, but some believe the end of a season is far more personal. The seniors on Keller High’s swim and dive team consider one of their final goodbyes as the Senior Meet against Timber Creek and Texas High School on Jan. 14 at 2:00 p.m.

“Even though we have a few more meets left in the season, this kind of marks the end of our last swim season,” senior Katey Norman, co-captain, said.

Despite the name of the meet, all members will be participating. However, what marks this meet as special is that the seniors receive recognition for their achievements throughout their high school careers.

“We walk across [the bulkhead] during a break in the swim meet,” senior Reed Battles, co-captain, said.

As they walk across, the seniors’ bios, which they usually write themselves, are announced over the loudspeaker, showcasing their accomplishments.

“I am excited because I’m finally a senior,” Reed said. “It’s fun to be recognized for all you did in high school.”

There are twelve senior swimmers and three senior divers from Keller that will be recognized at the meet.

“I can’t believe I’m finally going to hear my bio over the speaker,” Katey said. “It’s sad, yet really exciting at the same time.”

Come support the Keller High School Swim and Dive Team this Saturday at the Natatorium for their Senior Swim Meet.