Things To Do While in Quarantine

Things To Do While in Quarantine

Gwen Morovitz, Editor-in-Chief

While we’re all taking the responsibility of social distancing as seriously and careful as we can, there’s not much to do when you’re separated from your friends these last few months before college. However, there’s still plenty to do while staying safe and keeping others safe too!

Make a list of things you’ll need for your dorm! Many colleges have a checklist or a suggestion list for incoming freshmen to refer to when planning their dorm supplies and furniture. Make a wish list on websites like target and amazon and start preparing for the exciting first year of college to come, rather than dwelling on the sad end to the senior year we all missed. Focus on the future!

Reorganize your room! Declutter the space you’re spending these long weeks in, not only will it be refreshing to live in a clean space, but it’ll help you go through some of the stuff you want to keep and bring with you to college, or just throw away/donate.

Go on a walk! Keeping your distance from big groups, go on a hike in a park such as Eagle Mountain Park in Fort Worth, Rockledge Park in Grapevine, Bear Creek Park in Keller, or even just a walk around your neighborhood can give you a daily dose of sunshine and stretch your legs after sitting on the couch watching Netflix for days on end.

Go online shopping! If you’re working still, or have some money saved up, splurge a little on an outfit to wear out with friends when quarantine is over. Or if money is scarce, make wish lists of new summer and fall clothes you’ll want to buy once you start working again. Imagining yourself in new clothes, having fun going out with friends is the best part of online retail therapy.

Do your homework! Sit down with a planner or just a piece of paper if you don’t own a calendar, and plan out what homework you’ll do each day of the week. Keeping on top of your schoolwork not only gives you something to do, but helps you pass this last leg of high school. It’s easy to give up and lose all motivation for the loads of online work teachers are assigning… but don’t miss the opportunity to submit your last high school English essay, or finish your last high school math worksheet! Regardless of the struggle to find motivation, you’re still a Keller High School student, finish your last days enrolled at Keller out strong!

Finally, don’t forget to practice some self care. Take a shower, wash your sheets, put a face mask on and listen to your favorite music. Go through old pictures of good memories, but instead of getting upset over missing friends and good times, use the love of old memories to plan future ones! We’ll all be together again someday, and when that day comes having all the fun planned out and ready to be had will help you get in the groove of being social and having fun again.