Our Pandemic Effect

Koen Samuel, Assistant Editor

In the midst of all the chaos surrounding the novel coronavirus pandemic — thousands who have lost their life, millions filing for unemployment, and billions unable to do so much as going out — it seems as though in some respects this crisis has brought out the best in people. Whether it’s people sacrificing themselves, donating supplies and money, creating meaningful connections, or coming together as communities, people all over the world truly demonstrated what it means to be human and united. 

For starters, the doctors, nurses, and medical care workers have tirelessly been working around the clock to do what they have always done: save lives. But it goes further than that, truck drivers, grocery store employees, and sanitation workers have also not had their line of work stop. These are occupations that don’t always get the recognition or respect they deserve, but that has changed. It’s refreshing to see these groups of people being commended for the sacrifices they make.

Donating money and supplies has been crucial to the effort to stop coronavirus and to help those affected by it. Many celebrities selflessly contributed money to people whose lives have been upended by the virus. In fact, some, have personally ensured those being affected are taken care of. NBA stars Kevin Love and Giannis Antetokounmpo each donated $500,00 to ensure their arena staff will continue to be paid. Los Angeles Lakers player Kyle Kuzma partnered with the YMCA in his native Flint, MI to provide thousands of meals for senior citizens in the area. But the person who takes the cake is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who donated one billion dollars to fund a global COVID-19 relief effort. That amounts to 28 percent of his wealth, which is insane.

One of the things that has brought people together are the interactions people have still found a way to have despite being isolated. While people are physically distant, it seems as though they haven’t let that make them socially distant. In a society where everyone is consumed by their phones and we take physical interaction for granted, this time has made people come together and learn to appreciate human connection a little more. Whether it’s Zoom or Instagram live, people have remained socially active and it’s nice to see people genuinely engaged and invested. 

It’s times like these where our true qualities come out. Countries of people have set differences aside and come together to fight the coronavirus in the only way they know how: together. The human spirit has come alive, and hopefully, when this crisis is averted, it won’t end there.